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We happy to deliver our consumers the best referral program service for our customers
Greenelly is the best place to get groceries delivered to any person and any place in need. This means that you can not only order grocery goods your family and your relatives will enjoy, but also your friends, your office and even to a charity organization.
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With our unique referral program, "Friends of Greenelly" become an integral part of the movement for accessible and wholesome nutrition. By inviting their friends to join the Greenelly community, participants gain access to a wide assortment of organic products, regardless of their financial situation.
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  • 1
    1 friend
    Green Sprout
    • 💰 3% cashback from friends' orders
    • 🏷️ 5% discount on 2 favorite products
  • 2
    21 friends
    Blooming Tree
    • 💰 3% cashback from friends' orders
    • 💰 2% cashback from 2nd level friends' orders
    • 🏷️ 10% discount on 5 favorite products
  • 3
    101 friends
    Mighty Forest
    • 💰 3% cashback from friends' orders
    • 💰 2% cashback from 2nd level friends' orders
    • 💰 1% cashback from 3rd level friends' orders
    • 🏷️ 15% discount on 10 favorite products
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Here's how it works:
Starting with the first friend you bring on board, you receive a 3% cashback from their orders. If your friend list grows to 21 people, you start getting an additional 3% cashback from your friends' friends' orders. And if you have more than 101 friends, you also get a 1% cashback from the orders of friends at the third level. This reward system means you can nourish yourself with healthier food without the extra costs
By receiving cashback and enjoying discounts on favorite products, Greenelly community members actively improve their dietary habits, contributing to the creation of a healthier society. Therefore, by participating in the Greenelly referral program, you're not just saving money, but also promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all.
How to join Greenelly Referral
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Start referring to your friends today and unlock
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step 1
Register for the referral program and receive your personal promo code.
step 2
Share information about Greenelly products and provide the promo code.
step 3
Earn rewards for orders placed by your friends and followers.
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