Eden Organic – Sauerkraut 32 Oz

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This is authentic sauerkraut made solely using old-world methods. U.S.A. family organic cabbage is hand harvested at its peak, cored, washed, sliced, and fermented with sea salt for at least six weeks.

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Eden Organic – Sauerkraut 32 Oz

$8.13 available on subscription

1000 in stock

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Nutrition information
Serving size: 2 tbsp (30g)
  • Calories
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  • Protein
  • Total Carbohydrate
    1 g
Product Description

Organic EDEN Sauerkraut is made from the finest cabbage grown in nutrient rich organic soil, carefully tended, harvested, and fermented by USA family farmers. They tend hundreds of acres of vital soil enriched by years of sophisticated, on farm composting operations. They take tree leaves, their own organic production by-products and skillfully make rich organic compost. Soil thus enriched retains moisture, does not require irrigation, and produces sturdy high Brix plants. Brix is a measurement of the natural sugar content in foods. This intelligently managed soil, and the hot days and cool nights of a Northern summer produce highly nutritious and delicious cabbage.

Organic cabbage is hand harvested at the peak of its flavor, cored, washed, and shredded. The cabbage is then placed in stainless steel vats with the finest sea salt and fermented for at least six weeks. During the fermentation process the vats are managed in a manner similar to a fine winery. Over eighty years of experience, traditional methods, and family processing from soil to the jar gives EDEN Sauerkraut its homemade, old-world character.

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GMO Free, Organic


32 Oz

Organic Cabbage, Water, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid
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