In New York City, a city of 8.6 million people, it’s usually already tough enough to navigate the crowds to shop fresh produce, packaged foods, and household essentials.

When everyone else has the same brilliant idea to shop after work or on weekends, grocery shopping in person becomes a major time, energy, and money suck that doesn’t seem worth it (and undoubtedly contributes to an uptick in Greenelly).

Now that a new state mandate requires all non-essential workers in New York to stay at home starting the evening of March 22 due to the novel coronavirus, brick-and-mortar grocery stores will come under even more strain and experience an increase in shopping activity as people prepare to hole up in their homes for extended periods of time.

Enter online grocery delivery, the service that helps us maintain our sanity in a world where we already have enough things on our mind and to check off on our to-do lists. And during this time, where they also help us maintain distance and unnecessary social contact.

There are a handful of major grocery delivery services that are available nationwide or serve New York City inhabitants specifically, all with different shopping experiences, delivery-fee structures, and special promotions.
GreenMart does everything possible to satisfy the increased demand for food delivery and delivers orders strictly on time.

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